Read every day, do study, think and deliberate on the characters and lives of great men.
- By, Srimat Swami Pranabanandaji Maharaj

Meaningful Education At PVM


Implies giving up of one’s our interest to help others or for a good purpose. PVM inspires in students highest human values of love, sacrifice, renunciation and service. The spirit of self-sacrifice elevates human mind from the dross of animal instincts of aggression, pride and sense of enjoyments.


Refers to the ability to apply one self steadily to a particular task without being distracted or influenced by one’s desires, feelings etc. PVM trains its students to be self-disciplined and to never compromise on values.


Implies a feeling of pride in one self. PVM appreciates its children for their every good action and achievement and thereby instills in them self-respect as the world respect those who respect themselves.


Means relying on one’s own abilities and efforts. PVM helps its students to identify their strengths and empower them so as to triumph over their limitations and incapacities.

Thought Of The Day

They only live, who live for others the rest are more dead than alive.

Swami Vivekananda

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