The Pranabananda Vidyamandir Vidyarthi Bhawan under the aegis of Bharat Sevashram Sangha, Lumding Branch, is a hostel for boys. The Hostel was set up in 1999 with a view to helping the young not only to acquire the prevailing academic education, but also to become active, self reliant and to build up their characters in keeping with the national ideals of renunciation and service.


The school as well as the Hostel is located at Halflong Road, 3 kms. from Lumding Railway Junction from where auto scooter services are available. The campus spreads over a large area with beautiful natural scenery all round gives it a holiday resort like ambience. The Ashram’s influence on the school as well as hostel is palpable. A swimming pool is also underway.


P.V.M.V.B. nurtures the children with utmost care and helps them to develop their personality. The authority stresses on making students understand and appreciate a subject instead of merely memorizing it. Students are trained in athletics, swimming, cricket, football, handball, badminton, carom, chess and table tennis. Physical training and Yoga are compulsory for the students.


a) Generally boys between the ages of 8 and 12 are admitted into classes IV-VII.

Class Age
IV 8 – 9
V 9 – 10
VI 10 – 11
VII 11 – 12

b) Boys are selected after an admission test of merit, health, age, etc. which is generally held in two phases – December/January & March/April. The Admission test is held simultaneously generally at Silchar and Lumding. The medium of test will be English only. Guardians can select the venue of the test according to their convenience. However, a centre fee of Rs. 50/- is to be paid in case a student appears for Admission Test at Silchar, Guwahati, Jorhat , Maibong or any other places outside Lumding. Boys will be examined mainly in English, Mathematics & Gen. Knowledge. Pupils sitting for admission test for a particular class will be required to answer questions meant for the annual exam. of the class preceding it.

If a boy is found unfit for admission into the class for which he sits for the test, his case is not considered for admission into a lower class.

c) A selected candidate has to submit the Transfer Certificate within 15 days of admission. In case of first admission the guardian’s declaration to that effect is necessary.
d) Any chronic disease (including habitual wetting of bed) is held as a bar to admission.
e) In matters of any dispute the decision of the secretary will be final and binding.


The hostel dues are required to be paid by the guardians at the time of admission. However, the guardians may be allowed to pay the dues in four equal instalments i.e. on quarterly basis. Demand Draft payable at Lumding drawn in favour of : Pranabananda Vidyamandir Vidyarthi Bhawan, Lumding. The V. Bhawan will remain closed during Summer Vacation, Autumn Break and after the Session Ending Exam. The Boys are allowed to go home on these holidays. Pupils must return from home punctually one day before the reopening of the school after vacation.


There are seven dormitories at present and boys are placed according to their age and class groups. There are Housemasters in each dormitory, who keep in close touch with the pupils. The responsibility and management of these dormitories are largely in the boys’ hand. The Housemasters look after the general health, cleanliness, behaviour and manners of the boys and supervise the study hours. They also keep a watch on the general conduct & progress in studies. There are arrangements for indoor Games and outdoor games; and cultural activities are organised by the boys themselves with the help of their Housemasters and teachers. Boys are also taught to serve in the dining hall by turns.


Guardians have to supply their wards with cloths. All Articles, especially clothing, footwear etc. \are to be marked with initials or the full name of the wards in embroidery, indeliable ink or otherwise to avoid losses. Boys are expected to look after their belonging and be responsible for them. Parents are requested not to allow their wards any valuable articles or weapons or arms of any kind to the hostel. To ensure uniformity Hostel, School & Drill uniforms will be supplied by the Vidyarthi Bhawan at parents cost and other items of the clothing will be supplied from home. It is essential all items listed below should be supplied by the parents in total:

To be brought from home –
Bed sheet (white) (36″ x 90″), Bed cover (sky blue) (60″ x 90″) Table cloth (sky blue) (40″ x 30″), Handkerchiefs, Hostel Uniform (Basanti colour shirts), Hostel Uniform (Coffee colour pants), Uttariya + Dhoti + Punjabi (white), Torch + Umbrella, White half pant + Sando Ganji for P.T., Pant (Coffee colour), School Uniform (Pants + Shirts), Gita, White Canvas shoes.


Parents/Guardians may visit the Vidyarthi Bhawan to see their wards after receiving permission of the Secy. in advance. Guardians and visitors are requested not to enter any dormitory without permission.


All boys write to their parents/guardians on every Sundays. All incoming and outgoing letters are censored.


Parents and guardians are requested not to call their wards over telephone. If there be anything important, the call may be made to the office not to the boy. The timings for call to the Hostel office are between 3.30 P.M. to 5.00 P.M. on Sundays & other holidays.


Pranabananda Vidyamandir Vidyarthi Bhawan Bharat Sevashram Sangha Lumding : Nagaon :: Assam Ph.(03674) 263233/ 263474 / 9435163869 E-mail :