General Instruction


a) Pupil should carry his / her diary to school.
b) Pupil are advised to note down after every period the instructions given by their teachers regarding home work. But there is a caution for every one. Do not ask your parents to do the home task for you. You may seek help and guidance from them. Cultivate the habit of self reliance and self-growth.
c) You are expected to dress decently, speak politely, behave mannerly and study regularly to keep the prestige of yourself and the school.
d) The violation or disrespect of the school rules and defiance of any nature will bring expulsion from the school.


The school Authority seeks your co-operation in the interest of your children. You can co-operate by paying personal attention to the following:
a) Please go through the pages of this diary / calendar daily carefully.
b) See that your ward completes assigned home task daily.
c) Encourage your children to participate in the various activities of the school.
d) Send response in time to various circular letters sent and kindly attend when you are requested to see.
e) Intimate change of address etc.
f) For redressal of any grievance contact the Principal.
g) Entry of parents / guardians inside the campus during school hour is restricted. Obtain prior permission from the authorities for the purpose in case of dire need.
h) Principal’s authority in matters of discipline is final


The uniform for the pupils will be as follows :
i) Black shoe and Dark grey socks with Red stripes
ii) Dark grey colored Half Pant up to IV & Full Pants from class V onwards
iii) Cream based Maroon striped shirt. (Half or Full sleeves)
iv) Maroon colored Tie with cream stripe.
v) Cream colored belt with maroon border
vi) White canvas shoe and white socks. (for Saturdays)
vii) White track suit. (for Saturdays)
viii) Maroon colored V necked pullover with pink borders during winters upto Class VII and Maroon colored Blazer for Boys from VIII onward.

i) Black shoe and Dark grey socks with Red stripes.
ii) Dark grey colored skirt with cream based maroon striped half sleeves shirt up to class VIII, with Cream based Maroon striped half sleeves shirt, White sari with Red Borders and Red colored Blouse, from class IX onwards.dark grey colored salwar( semi Patiala) with cream based maroon stripped long kameez and dark grey colored waist coat for classes 9 to 12. White sari with red border and white shirt fir classes 9 to 12 (only for Mondays).
iii)Maroon colored Tie with cream stripe upto class VIII.
iv) Cream colored belt with maroon border upto class VIII.
v) Housewise tshirt and white track suit for Saturdays and sports week.
vi) White canvas shoe with white shocks. (for Saturdays)
vii) White T-shirt and white track suit. (for Saturdays)
viii) Maroon coloured V necked pullover with pink border during winters upto Class VII and Blazer from Class VIII onward.
ix) Cosmetics, makeup, nail polish etc are not allowed.
Uniforms, books, exercise books and other necessary articles will be supplied by the Vidyamandir on payment.


Strict discipline is maintained with utmost care within and outside the school campus. Any pupil violating the same, will be severely dealt with resulting even to expulsion. Attending prayer before the start of school is compulsory.

All guardians are to abide by the rules and regulations of the Vidyamandir.


Pupils shall have to appear at all examinations conducted by the Vidyamandir. Failure to do the same without sufficient valid reasons will be severely viewed.


Attendance to class is compulsory. If a pupil fails to attend his / her class due to any reason, he / she must submit a letter from his / her guardian stating the reason of non-attendance. Prior permission shall have to be obtained from the Head of the Institution if a pupil remains absent for more than seven daysconsecutively. Minimum 75% attendance is required to appear the Session-Ending Examination.


It is expected that once a pupil is admitted he / she will continue in the Vidyamandir till the completion of the course. If, however, transfer becomes unavoidable, guardians will have to submit application for transfer certificate to the Principal, 15 days ahead together with payment of Rs. 300.00 as T.C. fee and session fees. No session fees will be charged if the application for T.C. is submitted before 31st March.